Crying on a bike trip with Riley Macleod

Crying, John K Samson, video games, and so much more

We are BACK. It is Friday baby, my brain is largely mush because all I do is write, and sometimes I sleep but mostly I’m sitting at the desk, this very desk, and writing or thinking about writing or thinking about thinking about writing. The drafts of my books are due, looming, and all consuming. So if I seem off, blame it on the writing hole.

My guest on the podcast this week is Riley Macleod, someone I’ve been looking for an opportunity to chat with into a microphone for a good long time. We talk about crying, we talk about religion and sobriety and video games and earnestness, and we talk about The Weakerthans and John Samson.

You can listen to the episode:

This isn’t the John K Samson song we discuss in the episode, but it’s a good one all the same

Also, Riley and many other great writers have started a worker owned site that we talk about in the episode, it’s called Aftermath, read and subscribe to it HERE

Okay love you, see you next week