Crying in The Classroom with Alex Steed!

your Friday check in

Hey everyone

Another Friday, another podcast. We are back. Baby. This time I’m in conversation with my friend, host of the You Are Good podcast and the man with the best laugh in podcasting according to Tom Scharpling: Alex Steed!

We talk about crying, we talk about Nine Inch Nails, we talk about how our doctors probably think its annoying that we try our best jokes out on them when they’re “at work”. Every week I think “this is my favourite conversation”, and every week I’m right. This is a blessed life I lead, and I’m glad you’re hear to listen to it.

Alex and I talk every week, sometimes on the phone and sometimes on video calls and more often than not we don’t record it. We talk a lot about making art, about work, about our lives and our pets and songs we like and whatever else comes to mind. It’s a really nice and beautiful thing to have and I hope we are all blessed to have a friend like that in our lives.

I’m so bad at promoting my podcast, but if you’re a listener and you enjoy it, consider a review on Apple podcasts! Also sharing it helps. And if you write for like…Rolling Stone or whatever, i’m available for interviews. Also if you’re the owner of a podcast network that is looking for a podcast hosted by a 41 year old sober transsexual woman about crying to music, buddy do I have the show for you.

Also, looking for peoples cry stories for our big, end of the year crystravaganza! If you want to send me a voice memo with your own story about crying to a song you like in public, record a voice memo and send me an email: nikodrewstratis @ gmail dot com .

K, see you next week, got something fun lined up for Tuesday!