Crying At The Grocery Store with Daniel Lavery!

end of the week update!

Crying At The Grocery Store with Daniel Lavery!
nothing but respect for MY cybertruck

Hey friends

End of another week! New episode of blue Eyes Crying By The Chips, my podcast about the beautiful songs that we love, and crying to them in public places. My guest this week: the great Daniel Lavery!

We talk about what makes a good hiker, apples, David Letterman, crying and Michael Martin Murphey! Listen in all the pod places!

You can find Daniel on Twitter HERE

Also, details below on how YOU can submit a cry story for our upcoming, end of the year cry jamobree!

Simply send me an audio file (voice note from your phone is FINE) at my email, and use the subject CRY STORY and please include your name if you'd like me to use it, your pronouns, etc in the body of the email!

Also this week, I wrote about Blink 182 and the psychic damage of youth for Paste magazine, in my regular column Flirted With You All My Life, where i write about my relationship to substance, sobriety and self through music.


Shane MacGowan died, and it being December 1st I think we all owe it to ourselves to listen to “Fairytale of New York” on an endless loop until we feel nothing, and then everything, and then finally a secret third beautiful emotion.

alright, love you, see you next week!