Crying at Riot Fest watching RIDE with Alicia Gaines

end of the week, pod update

Crying at Riot Fest watching RIDE with Alicia Gaines

Hi friends!

New podcast episode! We are back once more, almost done for the season and I brought my friend Alicia Gaines with me to talk about Chicago, the science of crying, shoegaze, RIDE, what Alicia calls "walk into the ocean music" and so much more. Such a fun chat with one of my all time favourite people!

Ganser is legit one of the absolute coolest bands in the world and if you don’t know, this is your chance to act like you always did!

You can follow Alicia on Twitter and Ganser on Twitter and Instagram

Also, details on how YOU can submit a cry story for our upcoming, end of the year cry jamobree!

Simply send me an audio file (voice note from your phone is FINE) at my email, and use the subject CRY STORY and please include your name if you'd like me to use it, your pronouns, etc in the body of the email!

Our theme song is by Augusta Koch of Gladie, who also just released an acoustic EP with songs from their record Don’t Know What You’re In Until You’re Out which is beautiful and perfect. Buy it, live with no regrets.

Show artwork is by Amanda Wong, check out her INCREDIBLE work HERE

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