Anxiety Shark is a newsletter by Niko Stratis, writer and very online person. It’s a newsletter about the things I’m anxious about, the thoughts and memories that needle away at my brain. It’s an exploration of my experience as once-closeted trans woman with a longtime drinking problem using music as the lens through which I view all of it.

An anxiety shark is someone that is so anxious they just need to keep moving so they don’t perish. An anxiety shark is me.

Anxiety Shark publishes every Tuesday, with the occasional foray into a special edition when the mood strikes.

You can follow me on Twitter @nikostratis or read work on my website at

Thanks, I love you.

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A newsletter, essays about the music and the events that haunt my every thought. Weekly deep dives into old favourites, recommendations for new hits and everything in between


Niko Stratis

Niko Stratis is a freelance culture writer living in Toronto with her partner and their dog and 2 cats. Her work focuses on culture, trans identity and the intersection of the two. She is a cancer and a transgender so do with that what you will.